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Deep Tissue Massage

When most people hear 'deep tissue' they think it means pain and that its not for them. Although I do have patients who like to be writhing on the table from the pressure, it doesn't have to be painful. I believe the term 'deep' should be subjective, not objective. I tell everyone when I first meet them that the treatment should be uncomfortable, but not painful. To let me know if I'm going too hard or not hard enough, and that I will check in with them throughout the treatment to be sure they are ok with the pressure. The reason we want it to be uncomfortable is to create a 'fight or flight response' in the tissue. The body and mind then say "hmmm...that's uncomfortable! I better go heal it." Most of my patients fall asleep during a treatment and leave feeling lighter and ready to nap!

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Sports Massage

You play hard and you train hard. You want your body to be in the best shape and health possible for whatever goals you have, and a good flushing sports massage can help you achieve them faster. Those aches and pains you feel after a good workout is your muscles saying "Hey, buddy! We need a break here to recuperate!" A sports massage really increases the circulation in the sore muscles, bringing the good healing stuff with it and taking the bad stuff away. The result is you getting back to your training sooner.

Pregnancy Massage

Every woman going through pregnancy will reach the point where they are just uncomfortable. Their back hurts, their neck aches, their calves are sore, and their hips throb at night. This can be for a few reasons. The first reason is one of alignment. We are built to be upright and symmetrical and during pregnancy the entire front side of the body gets bigger. This causes strain on the core and back muscles as they work to accommodate this rapid change in weight distribution. The second reason is a hormone called relaxin that is released during the trimesters. The purpose of this hormone is to loosen the hip joints so the baby is birthed easier, which is a good thing. But scientists also think relaxin can cause instability in other joints and cause siffness in muscle tissue (Dehghan, 2013, taken from PubMed). These two combined reasons equal an unbalanced, misaligned, unsymmetrical body that will ache as a result. But fear not! Massage therapy can help with these aches and pains and keep you as comfortable as possible through your pregnancy.

Back and Neck Pain

The majority of my client base are people suffering from some sort of back and/or neck pain. And the majority of these cases I can attribute to one nasty thing in most of our lives...the desk. (The other is whiplash accidents.) Way back when, we used to be hunter-gatherers, roaming around all day trying to catch something to eat or farming something to store for the winter. What we WEREN'T doing was sitting on our rumps for hours on end crunching numbers for the fiscal year end before a due date staring at a screen going cross eyed while texting our partners for dinner ideas and weekend plans. Sound familiar?! We are suppose to be upright and moving around! Not stuck in a chair all day! The desk posture is wrecking havoc on us as a species. Your back and core muscles are getting knotted up by working all day to keep your back straight, while your legs and pelvis pretty much stay stationary. Its no wonder your back aches! Get in here and let me iron those knots out, get some healthy circulation flowing through your muscles, and get you back to feeling normal. Of course you probably can't quit your day job, so a regular massage should be a key part of your health plan to maintain good muscle health.


Stressed out? Want to come in and fall asleep? No problem, it actually happens all the time during my treatments. When done correctly a deep tissue massage is extremely relaxing. Most people leave my office feeling pretty tired and ready for bed. If this is what you want and need, some fine tuning to the pace and pressure of the treatment will have you snoring in no time.


30 minutes - $55
45 minutes - $75
60 minutes - $95
75 minutes - $115
90 minutes - $135

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